More on the BOJ considering extension to its pandemic economic relief scheme

  • Bank of Japan officials, including Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, have repeatedly said they will extend the pandemic-relief programme if needed to underpin a fragile recovery as the country struggles with a resurgence in infections.
  • The BOJ may decide on an extension as early as its rate review in June

Daiwa in Tokyo add, conveying June is perhaps too soon but there is a reason for it:

  • “Ideally, the BOJ would spend more time scrutinising whether some tweaks are needed in extending the steps in response to changes in how the pandemic is affecting corporate funding,
  • But if the BOJ wants to move quickly to show it’s working hand in hand with the government to combat the pandemic, it will probably extend the steps in June”

Earlier headline on this is here: BOJ is considering a 6-month extension of its pandemic economic relief measures
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