Germany reports 9,160 new coronavirus cases, 84 deaths in latest update today

A lower figure due to the lesser testing over the weekend


Total active cases ease slightly but is keeping above 300,000 at ~302,000 after the latest update above. The 7-day incidence rate is seen easing to 146.9, so that is a good sign at least that the virus infection spread is cooling off a little bit.

In terms of vaccinations, roughly 22.4 million (27.0%) of the German population has at least received one dose but only roughly 6.4 million (7.7%) of the population is fully vaccinated as of data from 29 April.


The German government has talked about finding ways to exempt people who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 from the ongoing restrictions, such as nighttime curfews and limits on private gatherings.

But we’ll see how they go about that as it will be a tough one to enforce in general.

Medical capacity remains on the brink despite the improving vaccine progress, as there were 5,015 (-15) virus patients requiring intensive care as of Friday (30/4) with there being just 2,691 (11%) intensive care beds still available.

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