US stocks open mixed with Nasdaq lagging

Dow higher. S&P trades above and below unchanged

The US stocks are opening up mixed. The Dow is up. The S&P is trading above and below unchanged. The Nasdaq is lower. 

The snapshot of the market currently shows:

  • S&P index up 2.35 points or 0.06% at 4099.52. Recall the index closed at a record yesterday
  • Dow industrial average is up 105 points or 0.31% at 33609.03
  • NASDAQ index is down 50.779 points or -0.37% at 13778.53

in other markets as stocks open:

  • Spot gold is down $18.70 or -1.06% at $1737.19
  • spot silver is down $0.35 or -1.39% $25.10
  • WTI crude oil futures are down $0.39 or -0.65% $59.23

in the US debt market, yields are higher after the stronger-than-expected PPI:

  • two year 0.160%, +1.2 basis points
  • five year 0.888%, +5.3 basis points
  • 10 year 1.665%, +4.6 basis points
  • 30 year 2.340%, +3.3 basis points

In the forex market, the snapshot of the strongest to weakest now shows the CAD it is the strongest after the better-than-expected jobs report. The JPY remains the weakest. The USD is mostly higher. 

The USD is stronger

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