What is the best time to buy EUR/USD? 2-5 pm in London – BofA

Bank of America breaks down hourly flows

Bank of America breaks down hourly flows

It’s 6 pm in London and EUR/USD is at the highs of the day, up 44 pips to 1.1856.

Bank of America Global Research performs time zone analysis of USD pairs using granular 3-hour segments, and notes that EUR/USD started trending higher during the key 2-5pm (London) hours with more upside to go.

“The flows had reversed since the beginning of the year, with UK and Asia investors reducing USD shorts by buying US dollars, while US investors largely staying on the sidelines. In terms of relative conviction, Asia was less active than UK and US investors in terms of USD/EUR returns,” BofA notes. 

“We also underscore that the 2-5pm (London) flow had turned in favor of selling USD (buying EUR) over the last two weeks, capturing recent momentum, inline with our short-term bullish EUR signals. The risk to this view is that EUR remains a low-yielding currency when investors are seeking yield,” BofA adds.

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