Germany reports 8,497 new coronavirus cases, 50 deaths in latest update today

There is the Easter caveat though

The 7-day incidence rate keeps at a high level, seen at 128.0 today, while total active cases ease slightly to ~235,300 but the overall situation remains worrying.

We’ll only get a better sense of the underlying trend once we approach the latter stages of the week, with the Easter holidays set to skew things for now. RKI warns that:

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“When interpreting the number of cases around the Easter holidays, it should be noted that on the one hand fewer people usually see a doctor, which means that fewer samples are taken and fewer laboratory tests are carried out. This means that fewer pathogens are reported to the responsible health authorities. On the other hand, it is possible that not all health authorities and responsible state authorities transmit to the RKI every day.”


The other thing to note is that there is the growing case of lockdown fatigue in Germany so that is another factor to be mindful about if this continues deeper into Q2.


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