USD flexing a little Asia-time strength

EUR/USD is gently subsiding to lows not seen last November 

AUD, NZD, GBP, CAD are all dipping back slightly from highs seen earlier in the session against the dollar.

USD/JPY was bought into the (final for this fiscal year) Tokyo fixing. USD/CHF is on approach to its early US-trade highs on Tuesday. 

US 10 yr yield has nibbled back some of its Tuesday-US time fall but is not rising rapidly by any means. 

Local stock market are softer:

  • Japan’s Topix -0.6%
  • Japan’s Nikkei -0.8%
  • SHnagahi Comp -0.9%
  • HK’s Hang Seng -0.3% 
  • Australia’s S&P/ASX is +1.7%


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