US government says significant trade barriers are harming American companies and farmers, singles out China

The US Trade Representative’s office vows continued efforts to combat ‘significant foreign trade barriers’ to US exports, commerce

  • USTR says will
    continue to engage foreign governments on digital policies that
    threaten u.s. exporters of digital services
  • says China is ‘world’s leading offender’ in creating excess production capacity in
    several industries, including steel, aluminium and solar
  • says will
    engage foreign governments on barriers limiting market access for US farmers, ranchers and food processors

Headlines via Reuters … AUD getting renewed jab lower by a few tics, on approach now to its early Europe low circa 0.7590. Tensions between the US and China tend to see China take it out on US proxies such as Australia, China has imposed hefty trade imposts on Australia.  Source

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