World Bank predicts China’s economy will expand by 8.1% in 2021 (vs. 2.3% in 2020)

From the World Bank’s latest East Asia and Pacific Economic Update.

China’s economy will expand by 8.1% in 2021

  •  compared with 2.3% the previous year

7.4% region-wide expansion

  • from 1.2 per cent in 2020

Excluding China growth will be 4.4% in East Asia and the Pacific

  • 3.7% contraction the year before


 “COVID-19 is proving hard to suppress even a year after the first case was confirmed in Wuhan” 

economic growth for individual nations “will depend on containing the novel coronavirus; their ability to take advantage of a revival of international trade; and the capacity of governments to provide fiscal and monetary support”.


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