Germany’s Merkel says we are in a new pandemic

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has said this already, earlier oin the week, referring to the third wave of COVID-19 hitting the country being dominated by the UK mutant virus.

  • we are in the third covid wave, but also in a new pandemic that is
    dominated by the new variants
  • we don’t want any
    disturbance of international supply chains, but companies must
    fulfill their vaccine contracts
  • says we need to supply
    our own population with vaccines because we know this is the way out
    of the crisis
  • we know we will have beaten the virus only when everybody has had the chance to be vaccinated 

Merkel is talking of the very very slow vaccine rollout across Europe (I’m writing this from Australia where the government is setting a world-beating pace for s l o w vaccine rollout). 

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