Germany reports 22,657 new coronavirus cases, 228 deaths in latest update today

This isn’t going in the right direction


That is the highest daily case count since 14 January as the 7-day incidence rate spikes higher to 113.3 from 108.1 yesterday. Total active cases climb higher to ~181,500 as well, which is the highest since 8 February.

Going by the 7-day incidence rate, Germany is now recording ~113 weekly new cases per 100,000 residents nationwide. The idea was to try and get that down to 50 weekly new cases per 100,000 residents at the start of the month.

Despite the move, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities will remain closed regardless but still, the virus trend isn’t looking good for Germany going by the numbers lately.

As such, don’t expect authorities to ease restrictions any time soon, with the extended lockdown to 18 April likely to be prolonged in this instance.


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