A small real-world study shows that the vaccine is working well among frontliners

A study shared by the New England Journal of Medicine

This is based on data from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), which started its vaccination program on 15 December last year to offer frontline employees either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines based on emergency-use authorisation.

The study took into account vaccinations during the period of 15 December to 28 January and saw a total of just 350 of 23,234 employees, or 1.5%, who were eligible to receive the vaccine had been newly infected by COVID-19.

Although, 234 of those employees did not opt to be vaccinated so it is just the 116 of those who were partially or fully vaccinated that matters more in this study.


In particular, among those who were fully vaccinated i.e. received both vaccine shots, only 4 of 8,121 employees had been newly infected by COVID-19.

Just be mindful that there is some room for slippage error since employees with no infections detected between 15 December to 28 January will have their vaccination status on 28 January used as a benchmark for the result instead.

But for those who were infected by COVID-19, their vaccination status at the time is used to tabulate the findings so it is likely that any error is minimal in this instance.

This may be a small study but it does highlight the effectiveness of the vaccine in keeping frontliners safe. It also reaffirms the notion that the vaccine is not full proof and we also don’t really know how virus variants will affect its efficacy moving forward.
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