US stocks are higher. Dow leads as rates tick up.

Nasdaq lower than premarket levels

The US stocks are opening with gains. The Dow is leading the charge today, which is a turnaround from the premarket levels. Earlier, the NASDAQ futures are implying a stronger gain vs the Dow. That dynamic has reversed as interest rates have started to take back higher. The 10 year is now up 2.3 basis points after being near unchanged at the start of the New York session.

The snapshot of the market eight minutes into the opening is showing:

  • S&P index up 17.61 points or 0.45% at 3928.13
  • NASDAQ index up 22.92 points or 0.17% at 13250.62
  • Dow up 209 points or 0.65% at 32632.59

a look around the markets as as stock trading gets underway is showing:

  • Spot gold up $3.75 or 0.22% at $1730.75
  • SPot silver is up $0.18 or +0.73% at $25.24
  • WTI crude oil futures are rebounding today after yesterday’s tumble. The May contract is up nearly two dollars or 3.42% at $59.75 (it is trading near the highs)
  • Bitcoin is trading up $2430 or 4.4% at $56,860. Tesla looks up bitcoin for purchases of their cars.

In the US Debt market, the yields are moving higher with the yield curve steepening a bit. Yesterday the 10 year yield fell -7.4 basis points. The yield is up 2.3 basis points currently.

US yields are moving higherLooking at the forex, the CAD remains the strongest. The USD is getting stronger too as rates move higher.  The NZD and GBP are the weakest. 
The USD is higher

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