Why UTIP Affiliate’s Room is an Effective Marketing Tool for Forex Brokers

Any business is constantly looking for options for expansion, development and profit growth. In such conditions, not only are the competent organization of the company’s internal processes and the production of a first-class product necessary, but also the sale of the product to the end consumer. Advertising is designed to stimulate sales.

Online advertising on websites and in social networking services is increasingly becoming the most modern and effective solution.

And for most Forex brokers, this is the only possible way to attract new clients to their business.

However, the promotion of a company online by sending spam or placing contextual advertising often does not bring tangible results because these ads are either very intrusive or have credibility issues.

People have long formed a negative attitude towards such advertising. If it is not ignored, then it is simply blocked by third-party applications.

There is also an acute issue of banning contextual advertising for Forex companies in a huge number of countries around the world.

Today we are going to tell you why attracting partners is one of the most successful solutions for advertising your brand.

The peculiarities of this type of advertising are going to be revealed to us by Evgeny Sharin, Head of UTIP Technologies, a software developer of a trading platform for Forex brokers.

Will you tell us what advantages brokers can find for themselves in working with affiliate programs?

“Firstly, when joining an affiliate program, partners start promoting their company. Thus, various advertising materials about the company appear online: banners, articles, email newsletters and etc. These advertising materials create an image for the company. The company becomes recognizable.

Secondly, affiliate programs imply working with “warm” leads. This means that the people who got into the “affiliate program” really have an interest in the company, and it will be easier to work with them.

However, it also happens that a person has already registered on the site, but after a manager’s call has changed his mind. No one is immune from mistakes and this must be taken into account.

Thirdly, if a broker has just begun to conduct an advertising campaign, they may not wait until their site begins to bring in a sufficient number of users, but take already promoted sites with similar topics and place their affiliate product on them.

For example, an author of an interesting article on a blog or on another Internet resource can provide a link to the product.

For visitors, such an advertisement will be something like a “recommendation” from the owner of this resource.

That is, you advertise the affiliate program not on your own behalf, but on behalf of the site owner. Such an owner can be anyone: mass media, well-known social media influencers, authors of blogs or ordinary people who do not even have their own page online, but who can recommend the company to their friends and acquaintances.”

As far as I know, your company has recently developed an application for interaction with partners. Tell us what makes it special.

“Right. We have recently introduced a new product – UTIP Affiliate’s Room. This is the tool for working with Forex brokers’ referral program. Its main feature is the transparent logic of partners’ work with brokers.

At the moment we offer clients to use the most popular type of partnership “On the first deposit”. We are planning to add new types of partnership soon.

The logic of the current type of partnership “On the first deposit” is that a partner shares their referral link with potential clients through any social network, website, private message or in another way.

The clients register using the link in their Trader’s Room and appear in the broker’s CRM system, where the managers work with them further. After the client makes their first deposit, the partner is rewarded some percentage of the deposit.”

What other opportunities do you give partners to attract leads?

“To begin with, these are referral links that are generated automatically for each partner upon registration.

Also in our application, we give partners the opportunity to work with promotional materials. Brokers independently create necessary promotional materials and upload them to the CRM, after which the partners can use them in their Affiliate’s Room.

It becomes even easier to use the promo because banners are presented not only in the form of graphic images, but also in the form of an HTML-code, which is automatically generated for each banner in a ready-made form and when copying, the partner will be able to add the banner to their site with just two clicks of a mouse …

We have recently added a new functionality called ‘Tags’. Tags allow a partner to group clients by referral source and measure the effectiveness of those referrals.”

Tell us about your plans for the development of your application

“Our immediate task is to integrate the functionality of the Affiliate’s Room with the Trader’s Room. Thanks to this, each trader will be able to automatically become a broker’s partner.

The trader will be able to fully use the capabilities of a partner, as well as directly share their referral link from the “Trader’s Room”, view the balance of rewards and go to the “Affiliate’s Room” without authorization.”

Read more about the Affiliate’s Room for Forex brokers on the official website of the UTIP company.


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