How to Create a Content Calendar Using Asana

What is Asana?

If you’ve never heard of Asana it is a free task management tool to help you stay on track, collaborate, communicate and organize your projects with (or without) a team.

One of the best things I have done for my business is to start using Asana.

I tried it years ago, but I never made it a priority. I would play around with some of the features and would quickly find myself forgetting to even open it up.

It started to feel like more work so I would stop for a few months until I got that spark again to get organized and more efficient with my systems.

Thankfully, I have made it an integral part of how I run my business and it has led me to stay on track and consistently create content to grow my audience. 

Step #1 – Create a New Project

The first step to using Asana for your content calendar is to create a Project.

You can create separate projects for each of the different types of content you create (video, podcasts, blog posts, etc.) or you can house it all under one project and just name it Content Calendar.


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