Top Tools for Repurposing Content

Step #3 – Teleprompter App

After I have written the blog post, I will copy the text and upload it into the Teleprompter App so I can record a video from that same piece of content. 

Teleprompter App is an app that I purchased on my iPhone. 

They do have a free version, but when you record and download the video it will have their logo on it. 

Since I record videos on my phone I like to use the Teleprompter App as an outline for what I need to say.

Not only does it make editing easier because I don’t have as many mess-ups because I have a script to follow.

Making a blog post into a video is a very powerful way to repurpose your content because it allows your audience to consume the content in a different method.

I’ve done this to create YouTube videos and IGTV videos.

Step #4 – VideoShop App

Once I have recorded the video on my phone, I will then edit it inside of the VideoShop App so that I can use it on different platforms.

The first thing I do is edit it for YouTube. Once I have the video how I want it, I will then edit it for other platforms by resizing it.

Doing this makes it super easy to post on IGTV or smaller clips on Facebook or even my Instagram feed. 


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