How to Build a Blog Post Template to Save Time

How do you create a blog post template?

I briefly talked about this already, but creating a blog post template is just documenting your content creation process and breaking down each step. 

I started my blogging journey back in 2011 on a site that I still run, Frugal Fanatic. I used to pump out several blog posts a week! Not only was it not sustainable but I was literally all over the place with the process, which would then lead to burnout

My content was the backbone of growing that blog so when I wasn’t consistent that meant that I couldn’t market my blog. I wouldn’t have a new post to share on my blog, I wouldn’t have content for my newsletter, I wouldn’t have content for my social media accounts, etc.

My blog posts were the core content that I would use to supply all of my other marketing channels. 

Once I created a workflow for my content, it made it so easy to market my blog and grow my traffic. 

It helped so much that I created a mini-course called Content Mastery for Bloggers to teach people how to plan, produce and promote their content like a boss. 

Besides increasing your traffic with your content, the mini-course will help you implement an entire system for your content process. You can learn more about it here. 

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What does a blog post template include?

It is a list of tasks that you can follow each time you create new content. The point is to keep it realistic and tailor it to fit YOUR process.

You need to take each task that you normally complete and see how far you can break it down.

For example, you might have ‘write content’ down as one of the tasks that you complete. But, that is a BIG task when it comes to content creation. 

You can break it down into separate tasks like these:

  • Research content

  • Outline Content

  • Write 1st draft

  • Edit content

This also goes for promotion. You don’t want to just write down ‘promote blog post’ on your calendar. You want to break it down into all the steps of how you promote it:

  • Schedule the post on Facebook

  • Pull quotes for Instagram

  • Share with your email list

How to create your own blog post template

One of the easiest ways to do this is to go through the process from start to finish and document each step. 

Doing this will allow you to make a list in order of how you complete each task.

As you are going through the process you can even add in tasks that you would like to be doing, but don’t always get to. 

Try to get as specific as possible. I showed you how you can break down one task into separate steps. 

This is what will help you to complete the tasks without it feeling overwhelming. 

After I did this process and had all of my tasks I then added my blog post template to Asana. 

I personally LOVE Asana

It totally revived my business and helped me to become so much more productive. 

Here is an example of the tasks in my blog post template in Asana:


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