3 Marketing Mistakes You Are Making With Your Blog

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Marketing Mistake #2: Not being consistent

I know how hard it can be to show up consistently online especially when you are just getting started, but honestly, this is one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make. 

You need to show up even when your audience isn’t showing up for you.

Your blog won’t grow and make sales when you aren’t showing up and putting yourself out there on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter what platform you choose – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook – you have to come up with a schedule where you can give your audience the opportunity to get to know you and learn from you. 

It doesn’t always have to be a teaching moment or some amazing content that you put out, but you do need to build a relationship with your audience for them to turn into customers or clients.

Think of it as a friendship. Most people aren’t instant BFF’s with someone new they first meet. It takes time. You need to talk with them and hangout.

The same goes for your audience. They aren’t going to immediately find you online and trust you instantly.  You can’t just show up one time a week and expect to have massive growth from it.

I have found that the best way to do this is to schedule it into my calendar. If I don’t put it on there then I will forget. For me, I will make a weekly plan for the posts that will go out and a general idea of the content I want to share. 

This helps me to stay consistent and show up multiple times a week. Pick a platform where your audience hangs out that you can consistently show-up on. Keep in mind it will take time to see results, so don’t give up on it too soon!

Marketing Mistakes #3: Not knowing what your audience needs

This is also similar to the friendship example above. You need to LISTEN to your audience and know what they are struggling with so you can help them overcome a problem they are experiencing.

All of the content you put out needs to be focused on your audience and how it can help them. But, you won’t know what they need unless you ASK.

Oftentimes, people come into the blogging world with their own agenda in mind and they never listen to their audience. They ‘think’ they know what they want. 

Trust me when I say, if you do this you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Understanding your audience’s interests, desires, goals, day-to-day life, struggles, dreams, problems, etc. will exponentially help you to grow your blog. 

Knowing this information will allow you to speak directly to your ideal customer or client.

When I first started blogging I wanted to help everyone. I didn’t speak to an ideal customer or audience. I just grouped everyone together and then wondered why no one was signing up for my email list or buying my courses. 

Knowing what your audience needs and understanding how you can specifically help them is what will set you apart online. 

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The three things you need to keep in mind with your marketing:

#1 – Don’t give up too soon

#2 – Be consistent

#3 – Understand your audience

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